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Really? My biggest disappointment is reading all these drama-queen complaints about the Spinnaker Resorts.

Are the units perfect? Of course not. Didn’t have an elevator? If you bring someone who needs elevator accessibility shouldn’t that be an upfront question?

Do the salespeople make misrepresentations? Yes. And so does your car salesman, banker, financial planner, government, etc... You’re purchasing a timeshare, you have plenty of time to research the pros and cons.

If not, maybe it wasn’t the time to book. But please people, quit blaming the company. I exchanged my Waterside unit for a Royal Floridian unit and upgraded to premier ownership. I’m a timeshare owner, so I’m sure I get taken in other purchases too.

So what. In the end I bought a place my family can enjoy for years and visit other locations too. It’s not a house. Don’t buy it for real estate appreciation.

Buy it for its purpose, to take a vacation. Make family memories, visit beaches and the local exhibits. Any problems are your choice.

No one blindly writes that sales check. Give me a break cry babies!

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So because your banker, car salesman, and financial planner all misrepresent what they are trying to sell you, it is OK? Really?

Lies to obtain your business is deplorable and always WRONG. It doesn't matter who is lying. Spinnaker lied to me and I find that totally despicable and reprehensible. Honesty and integrity is still a value to be upheld and sought after.

I'm glad you are happy with your purchase and pleased with Spinnaker. As for me, "Better to slap me with the truth than kiss me with a lie."


Stop calling me, 3 times in one day! Give me a break, I toured the one in Ormandy Beach FL.

Not impressed and I stayed a mile away in a very inferior motel! Just stop calling!!


Misrepresentation is not to be taken lightly.


you probably work for spinnaker


Appreciate the clear summary of why I bought first Spinnaker timeshare in 2001, upgraded in 2015 and purchased a second time share with another resort company in 2017. Make memories with family and friends. This is not an investment property for the timeshare owners.


Superb comment and general life lesson. I am your humble student, a mere grasshopper. Your grasp of reality is unusually clear and I thank you.