51 S Atlantic Ave, Ormond Beach, FL 32176, USA
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Had book to go see a presentation at Spinnaker Resort, and for some reason was not able to stay there they had put me 15 minutes down the road and a run down hotel. Which I've added photos.

This has cost me a total of $427 for this presentation this is supposed to be a weekend getaway more like a weekend and Nightmare presentation supposed to be 90 minutes to buy into a condo time-share more like a condo piece of *** with 16.9% interest if you finance it, anybody with an ounce of brain knows that you would never find out something with that much interest wow and there are so much hidden fees that you are going to be paying not counting property tax, maintenance fees, transfer fees and the fact that they only own three properties to themselves so therefore if you want to go anywhere else and use any other , properties there will be another fee tacked on to that $187 so what's the point of even owning this condo when you break it down you could just pay for it out of pocket yourself at that point in time it would be cheaper. They lied about the time on the phone my presentation was supposed to be set up on a Sunday because I need to go home on Monday for work so I had a huge meeting which I had to cancel because they scheduled my presentation for Monday and if I did not show up I would have been charged but I'd already paid $427, but i couldn't get anywhere with the rude people on the phone.Please enjoy the pictures from the hotel that Spinnaker will put you in for the weekend when you come for one of their presentations and spend your hard-earned money!

Product or Service Mentioned: Spinnaker Resorts Spinnaker Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I just think that units in Ormond beach might be cleaner than those in South Carolina end!


i love the attitude of the employee that starts w/ WELL I WORK HERE.... please feel free to email w/regards to meeting them on our turf...COURT over 3 years of telemarketers calling my HOME 7 days a week up to 7X a day can you believe their telemarketers having enough gaul to insult, laugh at AND promise to call again as many times as they feel like


I should have read this first and not wasted my time.


Well I work for them and it's a legit company we're not a scam


Every one of these so-called time shares is crooked! For One week a year, you turn over your life to professional hucksters!

Everybody that claims otherwise is employed by the Timeshare! Any counterclaim is a blatant lie to deceive the public!


Well we’re suing you for misrepresentation!!


Well someone from your company just called me on a restricted number...how legit...and then told me when I didn't know who they were that they were associated with both Grand Crown and interval international. Both a lie.


Anonymous: Sounds like you work for this resort. No one who buys and pays for a room expects to have mold and nastiness to deal with.

if Spinnaker puts you up in a room as a way to show you how great they are they should put you into something respectful and make you want to buy a timeshare. Why would you buy into this type of nastiness.


They do, work for the resorts. They have consumed the Kool Aid.

My company 100s of people out of their timeshare every weekend.

Sadly, they all operate the same. So sorry you, like so many others, have been treated this way.


First of all when they book you a room, youre not an owner yet so youre not gonna stay in their resorts, and the photos you shared were gonna be the same had you stayed there without going to a presentation, that is the hotel you shouldve done your reviews on, not spinnakers, also you shouldnt call it a scam and say you shouldve read the reviews in the same complaint, doesnt make sense.Also, speak to your salesman, thats why they give tou their number after you make the purchace.Enjoy!!!


I also work for this company. Spinnaker is a respectful company and their owners will attest to that.

Get your facts straight before you put negative comments out there about something you know nothing about. You get what you pay for. The reason you do not stay on property is because you are not one of our owners. Would it be fair for a non owner to be on property and an owner be denied a condo?

I think not. Become an owner and you will not have to buy cheap packages and stay in hotels. That is what all of our owners have done. .

Again I state you get what you pay for. Do our homework.