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ZERO STARS. Employees at Spinnaker have ZERO ETHICS and NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

They lure you in with false promises. Over a year ago, I bought two packages. There are 7 people in my household. I disclosed this to the representative from the very beginning letting her know that I was not interested in any vacation packages unless they could accommodate my entire household.

I also told her I was interested in only one date for my family vacation, Spring Break. Finally, I expressed interest in the Ormond Beach and Hilton Head Resorts. Ormond Beach is in FL, and I reside in FL.I wanted a place that was driving distance. I was lured in under false pretenses that they could accommodate my family, and later was told they couldn't.

I was placed under their Branson, Missouri and Hilton Head resorts even though I told them I had no interest in Branson, MO. "I'll put one package under Branson, you can always change it later" they said. Not a chance, because they don't have space for 7 people in Ormond, FL. Not to mention that they had no availability for the dates I had indicated despite me clearly stating at the time of purchase that these were the only dates that interested me.

After dozens of calls trying to schedule the date, every time there's a problem: they tell me I'm calling too early, call back in two weeks, I call back in two weeks and they tell me I'm calling too late, then I ask for the same dates the following year and they can't do this. Every time, they tell me I'll get a call back with a resolution to the problem and there's never a call back. The packages expire, I get a call from the marketing director, Renay, who tells me special cases go to her and she wants to resolve things. I explain what's happened, I still am only interested in Ormond Beach, still only during spring break and still for my whole household.

She tells me she will credit the previous packages and I can buy a whole new package and that she will get me my dates (she's authorized to do this). I believe her. I couch up another few hundred dollars. She gets me the dates I request.

However, there's no credit, and I get a call from a rep to confirm my stay at Ormond Beach. When she asks for confirmation on the number of people, I tell the truth: 7. She tells me they can't do 7 and that they probably will turn me away once I get there but I can give it a try and see what they say. I tell her that's not good enough, I was told 7 and I don;t want to make a trip only to be turned away.

The lady says she'll look into it and call me back. Of course, no one calls me back. So I call Renay. No answer.

I send a text. Her assistant calls. He needs to talk to Renay. And we keep going around in circles....

This is the ABSOLUTE WORST experience. It is NON-ENDING. They lure you in with FALSE PRETENSES. Saying they can accommodate your needs when they can't.

Instead of having some integrity and being honest they LIE TO YOU, making PROMISES THEY DON'T INTEND TO KEEP. My experience with every person at Spinnaker that I've spoken to has left a lot to be desired.


Product or Service Mentioned: Spinnaker Resorts Vacation Package.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Spinnaker Resorts Cons: Being lied to.

  • deceptive sales
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Yes I just allowed them to take almost 500. Hundred dollars out of my checking account he got me to say that yes combined household income at least 60.000 I make 10.50 an hour in a carpet mill he just kept making it all soun so good giving what sounded like gift after gift cruise then they said you have to have a credit card I just filed bankruptcy how in the *** am I going to get my money back.

They said no refunds .

He knew I was a low income but I Sure he made his commission .niw I only get 35 hours a week now .i will be filing a complaint if they deny giving me my money back he was being recorded just as I was he quoted me 360 and 480camw out for checking then they tell in an email you have to use a credit card to for room deposit . but EVERYTHING IS FREE WOW.id rather work in a mill than to steal people hard earned money to make a living


All timeshares are a scam. Bought one for 30,000 in Orlando cost me $3,000 to sell it back to them.

Never could transfer to any other locations there's no secondary Market.

Then there is the scammers calling to help you get out of them and take your money and you never hear of them again. Then you have the scammers calling saying if you have been ripped off will get your money back just give us some more money a total scam never buy a Timeshare