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Stayed at a Spinnaker resort at Ormond Beach Fl for a week. Nice place.

Since then I get several calls per week from them and their sales pitch. I’ve told them many times that I’m not interested in their product and to stop calling me.

Lately when when I voice my disgust with them and hang up with them they call right within 30 seconds. I already own two time shares and therefore am not a first time buyer sucker for their exhorbiant prices.

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I'm experiencing the same harassment from Spinnaker's marketing division. They call daily, claiming that I need to use my vacation package (that we already used).

We've asked numerous times to be taken off the list. We even visited Hilton Head, participated in the presentation at the resort, which was relatively smooth, declined on the offer, collected our monetary gift and presented them with months of cell phone records of being called daily about the vacation that was already booked. I told them that there was no way I would ever buy anything from the company that harasses me on a daily basis.

Anyway...the long and short of it is...don't do business with them. There are lots of reputable companies to do business with!

@Spinnaker harassee can block and report spam all you want. They just call using a different number the next time!


If you own 2 timeshares, why did you stay at spinnaker?


"exorbitant" ... if you're going to write, learn to spell.

" exhorbiant " ???? ... oh, please. Simply block the phone number, ignore it, or use my favorite : my Hungarian Grandma who doesn't speak decent English : to wit : "AAaaallloo ?

Wha ? Wha you say ? NO !

You go away ! " Use a screechy foreign influenced voice and they'll never call again.