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Update by user Oct 20

And they said the trip would be free. Fred Lawrence did.

They charge a booking fee of $150 for each condo reserved and condo fees starting at $199 & up. SO FREE IT IS NOT!

Update by user Oct 20

This was the first weekend in August 2019. The 3rd of August 2019 is when I checked in on Friday and I checked out on Monday!!

WORST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE. Waste of time, money and gas!!

Original review posted by user Oct 20

I was telephoned by Fred Lawrence with Spinnaker and he LIED!! He told me that if I went to Hilton Head and paid for a 3 night 4 day stay I would be given a condo in Florida that would sleep 8 people.

The room 111 was terrible. The tub wouldn't drain. The vent over the toilet was leaking on my head and there were silverfish crawling on the walls. It took many phone calls to the front desk to get them to come and drain the tub because I had my meeting that morning and I needed to shower.

Nobody ever showed up in time for me to shower. So hence, I had to go to the meeting stinking dirty. Then I went to the lobby where they offer free coffee and oatmeal and Danish. I was 7 minutes late.

Just 7 minutes and when I explained that I was waiting for maintenance to come and drain my bathtub and they never showed up and that was the reason I was late. NOBODY cared! And the girls at the counter were so rude! And that is being nice about it.

So off I went to the meeting. Which only gets worse from that point on. I will say this they never offered to change my room, but if there were bugs in that room they had to be everywhere else in all the rooms. The Trip for 8 in ONE condo never was even given to me.

At the meeting I was given 2 condos for 4 people in each. I told Fred I was taking my grandchildren ages 2-12 so he knew I couldn't have 2, PLUS I was promised ONE that slept 8. Now a woman named Tracey Mitchell said she would help me but her help was a condo for 6! Now how do I tell the other 2 they can not go!

Florida law I was told by one of the places on the list they provided said the Fire Marshall does not allow any over the limits at their establishments. Again I trusted Tracey to do the right thing and I have been leaving her messages on their page and the last time she returned any calls was early September. She said she would have to get with her superiors to see what they could do. Now that page isn't accepting any more messages from me.

I AM LIVID!!! They are LIARS & THEIVES & CHEATERS! THEY DO NOT GIVE YOU WHAT WAS PROMISED! I told them to pull the tapes and they did and they heard him tell me a condo for 8 people in Florida and that is what I should get!

The place was just NASTY and the service was terrible AND I never got what was PROMISED!! They lied and how can they get away with that?

Product or Service Mentioned: Spinnaker Resorts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: I want the 3 bedroom condo that I was promised with oceanfront. I promised my grandchildren a trip to Florida in June of 2020 and that is what they should give me!!!.

Spinnaker Resorts Pros: Zero pros, Bugs in room too.

Spinnaker Resorts Cons: Them not keeping their word, Not giving me what i was promised a condo for 8.

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Well gramps maybe you should have waited until the condo was secure before promising your grandchildren a trip such as that. Unless you could afford to pay for it out of pocket.

It's 2019... people LIE to make whatever money they can.

You're the type to fall for email and phone scams. Educate yourself before someone comes along and wipes you out financially.