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I recently learned my lesson with the fake Dr. Oz pill. So when this people called me today to offer me a three night vacation package and seven night cruise all for $199.00 I know it was too good to be true.

I asked for the company name and he willingly gave it to. So I told him that he should call me back tomorrow to see if I will still be interested. He figured out what I plan to do and insisted that it is a one time offer.

I told him that if he so sure of his product that he is selling to me, he should not worry about the research that I plan to do about his product.

Oh, am I so glad that I did this research; you should not allow yourself to be a fool twice. Once is enough.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Its legit. I just got off vacation and im in no way shape or form connected to them at all.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #1237064

And I take it you didnt do any research of people that have bought vacations keep in mind there are thousands a year that do

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