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We stayed at a Spinnaker time share in Branson. On the way home we discovered we left$300 in our suite.

We contacted Spinnaker management and they told us they would check for it and mail it to us. Never arrived. When we called back several times we were told that new management had taken over. They wuold reserch our complaint and get back.

weeks turned into months/weeks and still we are out &300.

We were told from the beginning that the money was found but never would get a response. every time we called back the promised to return our complaint but never did.

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Who leaves 300 bucks lying around anyway. Anyway the cleaner has it.

to Anonymous #1368209

Comprehension when reading is very important! The letter writer states the money was found! Spinnaker Resorts has failed to return it though.

to Anonymous #1369549

Where did it say the money was found?

to Anonymous #1379807

Sorry not clear. First time we called back on way home we told them where it was ( in a drawer). Housekeeping found it

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